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Calendar and Subject Matter Experts are listed below:

Academic Resources Center Tutors (they will assist in the areas listed next to their names):

ARC Schedule-spring2019update51419 (2).doc
  • Ms. Ayala: English
  • Ms. Batista: PIM, HIT, SAMS
  • Mr. Byrns: Math, Accounting
  • Ms. Cesar: English, Legal Studies
  • Ms. Cirigliano: English, SAMs, Psychology
  • Ms. Eckhardt: Management (MG and MGT) Courses, Resumes
  • Mr. Fielack: Accounting, Math, Computer Skills, SAMS, Information Literacy
  • Ms. Figel: English
  • Ms. Huxtable: Computer Skills, SAMS
  • Ms. Javed: Medical
  • Ms. Kartiganer: Computer Skills, Resumes
  • Ms. Krampf: Information Literacy, writing, English

  • Ms. Lazarus: Legal Studies
  • Ms. Lugones: English
  • Ms. March: Math
  • Mr. Margolies: Information Literacy, Writing, English
  • Mr. McNally: Information Literacy, Writing, English
  • Ms. Nemours: HIT
  • Ms. O'Connor: Medical law & Ethics
  • Dr. Phillips: Dental
  • Mr. Richardson: Dental
  • Dr. Sibblis: Management (MG and MGT) Courses
  • Ms. Welsh: English, Medical
  • Zaragoza: Math