Student Clubs

Student Clubs:

  • Ambassadors Club-If you like to volunteer and help the community (bake sales, charity walks, fundraisers, and social events)

  • Health and Wellness Society-If you are interested in promoting good health, wellness, physical fitness, and nutrition on campus

  • Performing Arts Society-If you like to sing, act, dance, write, and PERFORM

  • Plaza College Literary Journal-If you love to write poetry, fiction, memoir, drama, or are a great visual artist or photographer

  • RESILIENCE- If you need/want advice on mental health such as depression and anxiety, join us for workshops once a semester led by Ms. Ferer, Plaza College Faculty and external facilitators

School Specific Clubs:

  • Plaza College Society of Business Professionals (School of Business & Technology)

  • Plaza College Society of Human Resources Management (School of Business & Technology)

  • Student American Dental Hygiene Association (School of Dental Sciences)

Club membership drives are held at the beginning of each semester during the Student Life Kickoff Event!

For additional inquiries please contact Ms. Cohn, Associate Director of Student Life at

If you are interested in participating in a specific student club, please fill out the following form here (you can select more than 1!)

For School Specific Clubs, please see your respective school Dean/Director.