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The College provides excellent resources to help you overcome most challenges you may encounter on the road to discovering your full potential, achieving your educational goals and succeeding in your chosen career.




During Semester

Monday: 8AM - 10PM

Tuesday: 8AM - 10PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 10PM

Thursday: 8AM - 10PM

Friday: 8AM - 10PM

Saturday: 8AM - 10PM

During Intersession

Monday: 8AM - 8PM

Tuesday: 8AM - 8PM

Wednesday: 8AM - 8PM

Thursday: 8AM - 8PM

Friday: 8AM - 5PM

Saturday: 9AM - 1PM

ID Cards

    • ID Cards cards must be worn and visible at all times while on campus.

    • An ID must be surrendered upon request by any Plaza College Official.

    • Loss or damage of a Plaza College ID Card will require you to obtain a new card.

    • New cards may only be re-printed after paying a replacement fee at the Student Services reception desk.

Use the same Plaza Login everywhere!

    1. Your username is your email prefix. An email prefix is everything before the @plazacollege.edu.

      • Example: an email of jsmith1@plazacollege.edu would have username: jsmith1.

2. Your password is "plaza" and last four numbers of your SSN.

      • Example: a SSN of 123-45-6789 would have a password of plaza6789.


Having issues accessing eCampus Resources or MyPortal?

Why can I not see my grades?

  • Grades are posted by instructors at the end of the semester and must be verified. One week after the end of the semester.

I am unable to see my 1098T Tax Form.

  • 1098T government tax forms are provided online around the end of January each year. They are provided digitally (online) via your MyPortal account. If you log into Portal after January, but still do not see the 1098T form on the page in Finances -> View 1098T, then please contact IT Support right away.

How should I print while in a computer lab (classroom) or library?

  • Students are to use their own paper when printing in the library or the classroom labs.

  • Please ensure that you print only in small amounts to avoid over-printing or using other students' paper/resources.

  • Problems with printers should be report to IT Support.